Đecentralized Đeposit Network

- built on Blockchain, managed by Smart contract.

"The world needs banking
but it does not need banks." - Bill Gates
Smart technology
We've designed the best technology to make sharing your money safe and easy.
pragma solidity ^0.4.11; contract BlockchainDeposit { modifier onlyBy(address _account) { require(msg.sender == _account); _; } event GainsCalculated( address receiver, uint payedAmount, uint gains, uint contractBalance, uint currentPayoutIndex ); event FeesCalculated( uint gains, uint fees ); event Payout( address receiver, uint value ); event FeesPayout( uint value );


Everyone is a Bank

Now you establish the interest rates and terms of deposits by yourself. Your funds are completely safe, all payments are made by the Smart contract.

When you're not using your money, our community helps you to earn profit.

You're paid daily.

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For now __countOpenedDeposits__ blockchain-deposits have been created on the sum of __sumOpenedDeposits__ USD*
Deposit offer statistics

*at the rate in DEBITCOIN on OpenLedger Exchange

Deposit Period
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The more complex the economy and society, the more important is the cooperation within the community and between different communities, which are united on the basis of goodwill and the common goal of mutual cooperation.

That is precisely the way Đecentralized Đeposit Network
works today.
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